Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Happens For a Reason!

A very familiar sentence that's heard by almost all of us sometime in life: "Every event in your life happens for some 'good' reason"... This is often said when one is going through tough time in life... It sounds very ‘positive’, though you might have felt it’s nothing but ‘nonsense’ at that moment. But there are certainly a few events in our life which first seemed to be a ‘disaster ‘but then actually and gradually turned out to be ‘good’ , ‘better’ or even ‘best’! :)

One such beautiful event took place recently... I was on my way back from native to Bangalore... It was a overnight journey and I was supposed to reach my destination at 6 early morning... I opened my eyes with great difficulty around 6:30 am and to my horror, I found I was still in a place called "Hassan" which we usually pass by midnight...This delay happened because of a road block, giving our bus a long break of 4 hours on the ‘ghats’ …. O gosh! Still half way to go! I started worrying and feeling so bad about it….  one more ‘paid leave’ at stake!

As I gazed out through the window with a depressed feeling, my eyes caught a pleasant surprise… Beautiful sceneries….one after another-a ‘feast’ for my eyes…!!Felt as if I’m traveling through my imagination…. Never ever thought that Hassan was such a beautiful place …. Really felt that my journey was worthwhile and … grabbed my camera, started capturing these awesome landscapes … The bus was moving so slow…that’s the reason why the pictures have a real good clarity as you see below…  I was really missing these beautiful landscapes every time I travelled to Bangalore…

If not delay, I would have certainly missed it …..Though it started with a frown… it turned into a smile as the journey continued….! 


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