Saturday, September 25, 2010

Few Things I Discovered !

I “HAD” to scribble something today, as this day is gonna be remembered as one among the “HAPPIEST” days of my life…. I guess ill keep the reason a secret for time being... but I’m sure ill share it soon! (Once things are settled)!!

For now I wanna record my latest discoveries, that have actually made me wonder:

1) Do any kind of a circus or “bhaag daud”.. things will still happen in its own sweet time… Every single event in life is pre planned

2) Two situations when I can’t eat food and can’t sleep: When I’m toooooo sad or tooooo happy! Discovered the latter today!!! :P

3) Probability of power cuts are the highest when I have none of my clothes ironed…!

4) I miss my home when I’m at hostel and miss hostel when I’m home!!

5) I feel people are lying, when they praise me (most of the times!)

6) A day without music is impossible!

That’s for the day…!

Coming up with loads of interesting experiences soooon 

Till then, have fun, enjoy life and “keep smiling”!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His Presence......Felt and Adored!

Hi there...!! i know its a reaaaaal long time since i digitally scribbled anything.. yesterday my Blog guru "Maddy" was upset that i have'nt updated anythin lately.. All i can say for now life had a BIG "U" turn couple of days back.. confusions, frustration, heaviness, and a lot of questions in even if i had a couple of rocking events that could turn out as beautiful blog topics, i just could'nt put myself in one place.. i was shattered.. here and there..searching for answers, searching for a silver lining.....

This is about one special day, admist my "hard tough and gloomy" days where something very simple happened, and i got my answer to all the "why"s...
As usual after my work i have to take a ten mins walk to my bus stand... all the way i was just lost in my thoughts.. why isnt God listening to me? Why do i have these problems cropping up in my life? why doesnt He answer me....... n i as i was reaching the bus stop, i found a bus that goes through my route standing there.. i jus rushed to catch it, even if it was dam crowded.. jus to reach home as sooon as possible..but i missed it jus for a few steps... :( i was so sad... why couldnt the bus stop for two seconds!!! such a dam thing! felt low, stood there waiting for the next bus,and in a couple of seconds, to my surprise, my all time favorite "blue bus" (like the one in my previous post), which had a lot of vacant "window seats" just came by, and i happily got in... what an awesome trip it was!:) i wouldn't have got this experience if i had boarded the previous bus.....

By this, i felt , yes we do feel that we have lost something in life... something that we seek, that's like the old bus for which i was running to board...But we miss these things, only to get something better or even i can say the best in life....and i know its worth waiting for !!!! :) I felt sorry for having so many questions.. and now that i acknowledge God is with me, alive and active, loving and caring.. i need not worry about anything... :) HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.....!!

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