Thursday, October 7, 2010

My First Experiment With Acrylic Paints!

It was reaaaaly long since I painted… Last time I had been to CROSSWORDS- a book store, I happened to bump into a painting section with varieties of paints, painting boards, canvas of different size, palettes and what not…arranged in such a tempting way… just drove me “CRAZY”… felt like buying everything out there… I began comforting and convincing my soul that the situations were tight and I had to have some control over my desires… :(
My friend, who accompanied me saw my “deep love” for painting.. She offered to lend her coffee mug if I wanted to paint on it since it was a plain one… WOW!! My happiness knew no bounds.. without second thoughts just started selecting colors that would match with her mug, grabbed a maroon and silver Fevicryl Acrylic color. Now this was something new I was gonna try…

I finally did it today….and as you can see below, these were the results… :D



May not be the best piece in the world, but it was my first experiment with acrylic colors and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ultimate "Bheja Fry" !!!

I have heard of the “buggers”, seen them in movies, enjoyed the shows in serials, read about them in story books… but never ever dreamt of a “live bugging session” in my life….

This day reminds me of “Bharath Bhushan” character of the “Bheja Fry” movie, if anyone has watched it… a good entertainer though!

Lemme tell you how it all began:

My friend, a newbie to Bangalore had to attend her entrance exams at a college in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Since she wasn’t aware of the place, I took the role of a “Good Samaritan” and as requested by my warden, agreed to take her to the college and get her safe back to the hostel. It was a Sunday and I had no plans of going out.. Jus took a book, a camera and my earphones to pass my time. It was a 3hrs exam and supposed to begin at 10 a.m. We began early from our hostel and happened to reach at 8:50 a.m.!! (didn’t want to take any risk of being late, since both of us weren’t aware of the exact place)

As suggested by the principal of college, we moved to the spacious college ground, surrounded by huge trees, cool breeze and a low compound wall like a stone bench on which we happily sat on.. My friend opened her book to study and I was lost admiring the beauty of nature…and we saw a big group of students led by their guardians to the ground… One among them a fatherly figure… looked like a much experienced respected person, dressed in a subtle colour formal wear… jus happened to come to us….

As he approached, we smiled at him… and that seems to be the “BIGGEST MISTAKE” we ever did!!! He started with the basic What? Where? When? How? And Who? Type of questions all targeted at my poor friend, which only she was answerable because I dint know the “A”, “B”, “C” of medical entrance exams… I switched my brain off and lost in my own thoughts jus nodded at him whenever he happened to look at me during the conversation. Can you believe he started off at around 9:00 a.m. and until I reminded him that the time was 9:45 and my friend had to go to the exam hall, he went on and on and on and on until the admin called all the students to the hall…! My friend cudnt revise even a word before her exams!

Now, I knew I had to wait there for 3 hours, and was sure of this bugger to continue his conversation with me… He just sat at a distance of approximately 15-20 feet away and before he could start I immediately called up my mom, thinking ill talk to her and escape his hobby or pastime whatever it is to him…. But unfortunately mom was out of network :( Immediately called up my sister for rescue, she picked up the call.. and that was the most happiest moment I ever had over the phone that day! We talked for about half n hour and then as I talked I just moved out of the ground to see if I have a better place to sit.. there wasn’t any…Disconnected the phone and jus went out of campus and bought a “Maaza” bottle for myself…

Now I had a plan. I put my earphones on and kept the speakers near to my mouth, pretending to talk I slowly walked back towards the ground…. Keeping the same 15-20 feet distance I sat on the compound wall… “Maaza” was so tempting that I just put my speakers down for a second and opened the bottle, put it in my mouth and………. THERE COMES THE BUGGER!!! :O
He started asking so many questions, exchanging facts about his numerous degrees (B.ed, LLB, public administration, MBA in HR etc etc etc.. jus remembered four of these!) and a lecture on each of the degree.. then about me and my work, “Why this? And Why not that???” was the main theme of his conversation which lasted for a complete one and half hour…. I was almost about to faint when he just said he’ll take a break…… :) and “be back” :( I wish he did not say the last three words !!

Relaxing and regaining my lost peace, having a big sip of juice, I opened my favourite book : “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy…

Enjoyed clicking snaps in between and experimenting with my camera… just tried capturing a few shots....

It wasn’t even half n hour and the monster comes back to pavilion!

I don’t know why he has a question on every dam thing he sees… He started flooding questions on the book I was reading… I told it was about having positive attitude in life… and he started arguing…I dint wanna have a debate with him on such a topic.. jus nodded on what he said.. Ultimately he made me say yes to his belief that negative attitude in life is better than positive!!! and this session went for about one full hour (almost driving me crazy, without an argument.. I wonder how long would it last if I gave a counter attack!! ) and…….. a Silver Lining brought a BIG SMILE on my face …my friend just came out of the exam hall half an hour before the actual time… felt like screaming out of joy for the victory of getting rid of him.. My friend just disappeared for a while before she came to the place where I was…. She then confesses to me that she moved away from our sight for two minutes as she could not control her laugh looking at the bugger churning my brain…

Happily I packed off my things and bid a Happy Good bye to him… and guess what? He ends up our conversation through the question of the millennium “You are coming with her over here again to write the next exam…. right????”

Just couldnt stop laughing once we were out of his sight!!!
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