Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unforgettable Memories at UK for My Best Friend's Wedding!! (Day 3)

Day 3: The Wedding Day!

Woke up n realized there was some noise …. Yeah very nearby… in our own tummies….! We were dam hungry n since we were new to the place, we had to go hunting early morning… so Sharmi and I set on our expedition to find the nearest decent looking hotel in that village… finally after a 15 mins walk we found a restaurant.. We decided to have our breakfast there and pack some for our friend Manjeet as well as other frenz of Amruta who were supposed to arrive that morning for her wedding… Once done with breakfast since our tummies were full, we decided to hire an auto to our room and as we were about to reach, suddenly Sharmi realized that we have forgotten the room keys at the hotel!! Gosh!!! Jus gave an “above turn” command to the auto guy, collected the keys and then back to destination.

We were all supposed to get dressed up in sarees (our ethnic wear) about which we were dam excited!! We were all set, decked up and ready to be a part of the wedding celebration!

And soon to the wedding hall….. We felt as if we’re entering into a fantasy land…. The lights in the hall gave it “dreamy” effects… flowers on the stage were jus so awesome! Loved the atmosphere… and specially the name of my friend and her groom written at the backdrop….. long awaited moment was gradually turning into reality and we were all curious to see her in the bridal wear!

Have u watched “Hum aapke hain kaun?” I’m sure you would remember the song where the lyrics goes like- “dulhe k saaliyon oh hare dupatte waaliyon…joothe dedo, paise lelo”…. Yes this song reminds me of the “tragedy” we faced ! We had a master plan of stealing the groom’s shoes, when he removes them before he enters the hall… We were waiting for the right time, but groom’s friends were so sure about our plan that they dint even move a millimeter away from him… they surrounded the groom as if we were about to kidnap him… n to our greatest failure they lovingly carried away the shoes and locked in inside the car!  SAD!!! And we got a message through Amruta’s bro saying: if u want the shoes jus pay us 1000 bucks! Gosh… Joothe bhi aapke, aur paise bhi…..!!! hadh hai yaaar….! No way! Huh!!

So we were back to the “mandap”, where the wedding was taking place…. I have no words to describe how the bride looked that day! “Beautiful” , “awesome”,” gorgeous”…. ???? I feel these words cannot actually express how stunning she appeared ….. Both the bride and groom looked like “made for each other”…. They make a wonderful pair…….

Felt a heart ache when we saw her in tears… never had seen her crying! Realized that every gal has to go through this phase of life one day which is sad! That s the reality!

After the wedding ceremony, we had a delicious lunch and then to drop our friend to her husband’s place… Only thing that comforted us was that she was coming back to Bangalore jus in the next few more days…. And we will be together once again!

We had planned to go to the beach but since it was getting dark we had to cancel our plan… Thought to go back to our rooms and relax… but then something really fascinating caught our noses!! Right our noses were sensitive to the “delicious” lemonade aroma that came from a BiG container… A RSS rally was going on and it was meant to be a part of their refreshments!

We were so dam thirsty … that water could not suffice our thirst at that moment… We were just hoping someone to understand our body language or atleast offer some lemonade for the sake that we were the only three people as “foreign guests” over there….- you know-- Athithi devobhava!! We just turned our steps towards the temple yard where a person from the rally group was giving “ some speech” to the gathering…. (“some speech” coz we never tried to understand anything beyond lemonade!) we sat on the stone bench, which was just approximately 50 meters away from the gathering… n after the speech came our most awaited moment… few volunteers from the group got a huge tray filled with cups full of lemonade and started distributing … none of them seemed to notice us sitting there… now we were trying to try out all possible ideas to get it… I remembered I had read the book “ The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, which says anything is possible if you suggest your subconscious mind … so I asked the gals to concentrate on the lemonade with their sub conscious mind (dunno where was it damnit!!) My friend Manjeet said: “Resh I’m concentrating with both conscious and sub conscious minds.. still no one is looking at us !!!” and my friend Sharmi wore her glasses, thinking that those gave her face a sympathetic look… n they’ll be thinking about sharing it with us poor gals!…. Yet no one seemed to be turning towards us… n then we lost all hopes while my eyes fell on a person with a tray lookin at us and nodding his head to ask : You wan it??? And without a second thought All the three of us nodded back a big “YES” to him…… and we GOT IT!!!!! Hurrayyyy!!! :D we clicked few snaps to commemorate this incident and smile at our own…….. watever!

We had a kinda photo session after the event….

Different poses tried…..

The wasp seemed to attack Manjeet right at the click of camera!!

We went for a night walk …. We saw one of Amruta’s fren going back to her hometown… and then her dad dropped us to a restaurant where we had our dinner quota done… The next day we planned to visit Goa as it was near to the place we stayed… just approx. 3 hours of journey by bus….So we went to a bakery and got some stuff to eat on the way……

Back to our rooms…. Cleaning ceremony….Tired…. ….alarm set to 4:30 a.m……. Off to sleeeep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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  1. Is it not Hum AAPKE Hai Kaun? Thoda izzat deejiye memsaahib.. :)

    Common Man

  2. yeah! u caught the first typo! was wondering if anyone even went thru the details! anyway thanks common man :)

  3. Ahhem!! Someone has changed it. Bad girl!! :)

    Common Man

  4. :) i correct my mistakes when im wrong :) so im a good gal na...common man?? :)

  5. Yep. You are a good and uncommon girl! :)

    How do we get that background settings to a blog? Need help.

    Common Man

  6. Thanks for the compliments... :)

    Background setting is very easy.
    1. Just google "blog backgrounds" and choose your fav among different backgrounds
    2. Instructions for setting will be available on the same page.

    Still doubts? dont hesitate to ask me :)


  7. Ohhh... Something like "Saaka.. innoo beka?" ehh> :)

    Thanks Resh Fairever... Oops... 4ever. I will try and use that in mine.

    C M

  8. hehe...i dint mean that... :P
    anyway my pleasure CM ! :)

  9. U seemed to have a wonderful time. All three of you are looking awesome.. :)



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