Wednesday, April 27, 2011

King's Speech!

Another interesting assignment : I had to watch the movie "King's Speech" and then come up with a poster that best explains the movie. The condition that the poster shouldn't contain any downloaded images was a challenge. i tried capturing the emotion of the duke(King) in the movie and with the Adobe Illustrator software and a lil touch of PSP, I jus came up with this poster. Believe me, this wasn't at first shot, it took a lot of drafts and corrections wasn't really easy, but got much better with each draft and feedback.

The Final Poster:



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Andy Gilmore Inspired...

As a part of my college assignment, i had to get inspired by the famous artist Andy Gilmore, learn his interesting patterns at work and form three greeting cards- for summer, for winter and for the monsoon.

I came up with the following: and ya kind of excited coz i neva created these things before!







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