Friday, September 18, 2009

Everything Happens For a Reason!

A very familiar sentence that's heard by almost all of us sometime in life: "Every event in your life happens for some 'good' reason"... This is often said when one is going through tough time in life... It sounds very ‘positive’, though you might have felt it’s nothing but ‘nonsense’ at that moment. But there are certainly a few events in our life which first seemed to be a ‘disaster ‘but then actually and gradually turned out to be ‘good’ , ‘better’ or even ‘best’! :)

One such beautiful event took place recently... I was on my way back from native to Bangalore... It was a overnight journey and I was supposed to reach my destination at 6 early morning... I opened my eyes with great difficulty around 6:30 am and to my horror, I found I was still in a place called "Hassan" which we usually pass by midnight...This delay happened because of a road block, giving our bus a long break of 4 hours on the ‘ghats’ …. O gosh! Still half way to go! I started worrying and feeling so bad about it….  one more ‘paid leave’ at stake!

As I gazed out through the window with a depressed feeling, my eyes caught a pleasant surprise… Beautiful sceneries….one after another-a ‘feast’ for my eyes…!!Felt as if I’m traveling through my imagination…. Never ever thought that Hassan was such a beautiful place …. Really felt that my journey was worthwhile and … grabbed my camera, started capturing these awesome landscapes … The bus was moving so slow…that’s the reason why the pictures have a real good clarity as you see below…  I was really missing these beautiful landscapes every time I travelled to Bangalore…

If not delay, I would have certainly missed it …..Though it started with a frown… it turned into a smile as the journey continued….! 


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

'Kanthaswamy'! The Best Movie Ever Watched ...

Another day out with our troop…. It had been ‘reaaaaaaally’ long (yes, pretty much long ) since we watched any ‘good’ movies on the big screen…. Though I was a bit hesitant when I heard that we were goin for a ‘tamil’ movie, I then agreed bcuz I had a dam good impression over the first tamil movie I watched at home by name ‘Anyan’, which I really cherished and in which Vikram did a tremendous job….. I asked my fren wats the name of the movie which we were going… though she told it I cudnt remember until I saw a poster (which really made me think this shud be a ‘superman’ kinda movie…) jus before entering the cinema hall…. Hmmm “Kanthaswamy”! ;) I knew tamilians were known for great movies… n almost all of them were dubbed n spoilt by other “woods” hehe…. So had really good hopes on this movie as it began……!

And…. Yes! It was more than what I expected…. One of ‘the best’ movies I’ve ever seen! Heart throbbing concept with a combination of awesome choreography, wonderful music, comedy which brought tears and stomach cramps out of laughter.. thrilling scenes….. n what not…! The movie kept me so deeply involved for each n every second of almost three n half hours! Each scene had a twist! The point that really fascinated me was-- there was an element of ‘reality’ attached to everything that happened in the movie….The movie had ‘superman’ kinda scenes… but believe me this isn’t like that at al… no super powers… no magic… no unusual history behind it …., jus an ordinary human being with the help of his team, trying to be a little ‘extraordinary’, with a major intention of wiping out the tears from the eyes of poor and needy….. ! It portrays the HUGE gap between the rich n poor in India…heart touching!

I knew a little bit of tamil …. like “Po Dee…” “Po Daa….” which were highlighted in a few scenes and also one of the songs ….. I was delighted that I knew at least some words on my own….hehe….  I could follow what was happening all through the movie, except some ‘dialogues’ where I was ‘puzzled’ and the whole crowd was bursting out of laughter! ……But that wasn’t a prob….my frenz were sweet enough to translate it to me immediately and made sure I enjoyed the joke and giggled (though actually I wanted to laugh aloud…but was concerned that I would be the only one laughing by the time I understood..hehe!!)

A BIG THANKS to my friends….. On the whole the movie has given “the message” to audience, in the most touching way ….! A must watch for all you people out there…(whether u know tamil o’ not… doesn’t make a big difference!) 

The songs are still playing in the back of my mind….. “Allegra! Allegra! Allegra! Ale- ale- egra!!! :D (that’s the only word I could get!! Rest will be learnt with time….)

Five stars from my side!

Cheers! Be Happy

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are you ready for a loooooooong drive???

These are my little "naye padosan"s--pinka and piddu...They are jus amazingly sweet and cute... They were thrilled with their new red car.. and on the first drive, they offered me a drop to my office...;)Unfortunately, i realised i would need 'a bit' more space than them to occupy the small seat.. this has made me think of 'dieting' :( ("die eating" hehe...) :D

I LOVE my Little Neighbours!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Day Out At the BarbeQues....!!!

So... this is about 'one fine day' or much better would be 'the finest' day of my life with my frenz.......After a long time we guys decided to celebrate our friendship and set out to gather treasurable memories forever....
We decided to show some 'mercy' on our 'almost dead' taste buds tortured with the same boring food every day n nite.... n yessss! we al thought of eXploring the 'eXotic' food at 'Barbeque Nations'... (supposed to be 'the best' by some of our colleagues)
Here's a few 'clicks' that we did to preserve our memories:

The grilled 'delicacies' invited our esteemed presence to the most 'expensive';) Barbeque Nations... Hmmm one should definately visit this place atleaaaast once a year at your oops sorry your wallet's own risk!! hehe... jus hold a little ice on your heads to keep your pockets free from burns!!

Looks Yummmmy naa...? "Looks are deceitful".... but in this context i don't really think this holds good.... it was more yummier than it looked....;)

So... heres the most 'privileged' and 'satisfied' bunch who jus relished the sumptuous "meal of the millenium"....


Monday, July 13, 2009

My Cute Angels!!!!!!

These are the cute kids that stay just nxt to me... very sweet and naughty... I jus don know how time flies when im with them.. they make me laugh, play, sing... and most of all they bring back my childhood memories....!

I Jus Feel So Lucky !!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Creativity at its best!!

So... hows this?? this is jus 'one' among the most cutest crafts ive ever done.... jus spent 2 days over it.... :) This was my first 'bunch' of flowers and to be honest i never expected it to come out so well ...:)

Impressed??? :)

See ya with more creations soon....

til then...

Have FuNN......

Its my BloG!!!!

At last! A blog of my own!! :) Here's me=-- greatly and "overwhelmingly" influenced and impressed by "the greatest bloggers"-- whom i see as a part of my daily work (the big blog audits!!!!), my frenz-- 'maddy' my college senior and also ,...Special credit certainly goes to my 'blog guru' my senior colleague and buddy who right now is away from me but had a great impact on my blog creation... a heartfelt acknowledgement to you guys! :)

So... ya since this is my first day, im a bit confused (as usual ;)) Don really know how and from where do i start ... anyway, keep visiting to read my 'strange'/ 'interesting'/ 'surprising'/ 'funny' stories that'll come up shortly....

See ya guys!


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