Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Beginning.... (Excuse me, its not my Wedding!!))

Days are never like what it was a few years back... Its a new life, a new thinking, a new dream and hope, a new prayer, a new perspective and of-course more importantly, a new bagfull of stationary and art supplies!!! :P

Its so amazing how things have changed, for good, and how each moment of my life in the past had a meaning (seemed a tragedy then, which gathered a lot of grumbling frm my side). I'm thankful to Almighty for revealing the reason for each event that has happened and the result is this beautiful life i enjoy today!!

I personally feel unless a person discovers his true self he cannot really feel and enjoy the true beauty of the world. And, now, when i say this, there are always hundred very valid reasons on how one "CANNOT" do what he likes/ or aspires in life, like i did a few years back..BUT, among those valid reasons, lies a ignored "RISK" factor, which decides if you are STRONG enough to take it up and CELEBRATE the rest of your life (jus ONE LIFE that you have been gifted), OR jus go with the flow, thinking everything is your fate and grumble ALL YOUR LIFE....


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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My First Experiment With Acrylic Paints!

It was reaaaaly long since I painted… Last time I had been to CROSSWORDS- a book store, I happened to bump into a painting section with varieties of paints, painting boards, canvas of different size, palettes and what not…arranged in such a tempting way… just drove me “CRAZY”… felt like buying everything out there… I began comforting and convincing my soul that the situations were tight and I had to have some control over my desires… :(
My friend, who accompanied me saw my “deep love” for painting.. She offered to lend her coffee mug if I wanted to paint on it since it was a plain one… WOW!! My happiness knew no bounds.. without second thoughts just started selecting colors that would match with her mug, grabbed a maroon and silver Fevicryl Acrylic color. Now this was something new I was gonna try…

I finally did it today….and as you can see below, these were the results… :D



May not be the best piece in the world, but it was my first experiment with acrylic colors and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Ultimate "Bheja Fry" !!!

I have heard of the “buggers”, seen them in movies, enjoyed the shows in serials, read about them in story books… but never ever dreamt of a “live bugging session” in my life….

This day reminds me of “Bharath Bhushan” character of the “Bheja Fry” movie, if anyone has watched it… a good entertainer though!

Lemme tell you how it all began:

My friend, a newbie to Bangalore had to attend her entrance exams at a college in Rajajinagar, Bangalore. Since she wasn’t aware of the place, I took the role of a “Good Samaritan” and as requested by my warden, agreed to take her to the college and get her safe back to the hostel. It was a Sunday and I had no plans of going out.. Jus took a book, a camera and my earphones to pass my time. It was a 3hrs exam and supposed to begin at 10 a.m. We began early from our hostel and happened to reach at 8:50 a.m.!! (didn’t want to take any risk of being late, since both of us weren’t aware of the exact place)

As suggested by the principal of college, we moved to the spacious college ground, surrounded by huge trees, cool breeze and a low compound wall like a stone bench on which we happily sat on.. My friend opened her book to study and I was lost admiring the beauty of nature…and we saw a big group of students led by their guardians to the ground… One among them a fatherly figure… looked like a much experienced respected person, dressed in a subtle colour formal wear… jus happened to come to us….

As he approached, we smiled at him… and that seems to be the “BIGGEST MISTAKE” we ever did!!! He started with the basic What? Where? When? How? And Who? Type of questions all targeted at my poor friend, which only she was answerable because I dint know the “A”, “B”, “C” of medical entrance exams… I switched my brain off and lost in my own thoughts jus nodded at him whenever he happened to look at me during the conversation. Can you believe he started off at around 9:00 a.m. and until I reminded him that the time was 9:45 and my friend had to go to the exam hall, he went on and on and on and on until the admin called all the students to the hall…! My friend cudnt revise even a word before her exams!

Now, I knew I had to wait there for 3 hours, and was sure of this bugger to continue his conversation with me… He just sat at a distance of approximately 15-20 feet away and before he could start I immediately called up my mom, thinking ill talk to her and escape his hobby or pastime whatever it is to him…. But unfortunately mom was out of network :( Immediately called up my sister for rescue, she picked up the call.. and that was the most happiest moment I ever had over the phone that day! We talked for about half n hour and then as I talked I just moved out of the ground to see if I have a better place to sit.. there wasn’t any…Disconnected the phone and jus went out of campus and bought a “Maaza” bottle for myself…

Now I had a plan. I put my earphones on and kept the speakers near to my mouth, pretending to talk I slowly walked back towards the ground…. Keeping the same 15-20 feet distance I sat on the compound wall… “Maaza” was so tempting that I just put my speakers down for a second and opened the bottle, put it in my mouth and………. THERE COMES THE BUGGER!!! :O
He started asking so many questions, exchanging facts about his numerous degrees (B.ed, LLB, public administration, MBA in HR etc etc etc.. jus remembered four of these!) and a lecture on each of the degree.. then about me and my work, “Why this? And Why not that???” was the main theme of his conversation which lasted for a complete one and half hour…. I was almost about to faint when he just said he’ll take a break…… :) and “be back” :( I wish he did not say the last three words !!

Relaxing and regaining my lost peace, having a big sip of juice, I opened my favourite book : “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy…

Enjoyed clicking snaps in between and experimenting with my camera… just tried capturing a few shots....

It wasn’t even half n hour and the monster comes back to pavilion!

I don’t know why he has a question on every dam thing he sees… He started flooding questions on the book I was reading… I told it was about having positive attitude in life… and he started arguing…I dint wanna have a debate with him on such a topic.. jus nodded on what he said.. Ultimately he made me say yes to his belief that negative attitude in life is better than positive!!! and this session went for about one full hour (almost driving me crazy, without an argument.. I wonder how long would it last if I gave a counter attack!! ) and…….. a Silver Lining brought a BIG SMILE on my face …my friend just came out of the exam hall half an hour before the actual time… felt like screaming out of joy for the victory of getting rid of him.. My friend just disappeared for a while before she came to the place where I was…. She then confesses to me that she moved away from our sight for two minutes as she could not control her laugh looking at the bugger churning my brain…

Happily I packed off my things and bid a Happy Good bye to him… and guess what? He ends up our conversation through the question of the millennium “You are coming with her over here again to write the next exam…. right????”

Just couldnt stop laughing once we were out of his sight!!!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Few Things I Discovered !

I “HAD” to scribble something today, as this day is gonna be remembered as one among the “HAPPIEST” days of my life…. I guess ill keep the reason a secret for time being... but I’m sure ill share it soon! (Once things are settled)!!

For now I wanna record my latest discoveries, that have actually made me wonder:

1) Do any kind of a circus or “bhaag daud”.. things will still happen in its own sweet time… Every single event in life is pre planned

2) Two situations when I can’t eat food and can’t sleep: When I’m toooooo sad or tooooo happy! Discovered the latter today!!! :P

3) Probability of power cuts are the highest when I have none of my clothes ironed…!

4) I miss my home when I’m at hostel and miss hostel when I’m home!!

5) I feel people are lying, when they praise me (most of the times!)

6) A day without music is impossible!

That’s for the day…!

Coming up with loads of interesting experiences soooon 

Till then, have fun, enjoy life and “keep smiling”!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His Presence......Felt and Adored!

Hi there...!! i know its a reaaaaal long time since i digitally scribbled anything.. yesterday my Blog guru "Maddy" was upset that i have'nt updated anythin lately.. All i can say for now life had a BIG "U" turn couple of days back.. confusions, frustration, heaviness, and a lot of questions in even if i had a couple of rocking events that could turn out as beautiful blog topics, i just could'nt put myself in one place.. i was shattered.. here and there..searching for answers, searching for a silver lining.....

This is about one special day, admist my "hard tough and gloomy" days where something very simple happened, and i got my answer to all the "why"s...
As usual after my work i have to take a ten mins walk to my bus stand... all the way i was just lost in my thoughts.. why isnt God listening to me? Why do i have these problems cropping up in my life? why doesnt He answer me....... n i as i was reaching the bus stop, i found a bus that goes through my route standing there.. i jus rushed to catch it, even if it was dam crowded.. jus to reach home as sooon as possible..but i missed it jus for a few steps... :( i was so sad... why couldnt the bus stop for two seconds!!! such a dam thing! felt low, stood there waiting for the next bus,and in a couple of seconds, to my surprise, my all time favorite "blue bus" (like the one in my previous post), which had a lot of vacant "window seats" just came by, and i happily got in... what an awesome trip it was!:) i wouldn't have got this experience if i had boarded the previous bus.....

By this, i felt , yes we do feel that we have lost something in life... something that we seek, that's like the old bus for which i was running to board...But we miss these things, only to get something better or even i can say the best in life....and i know its worth waiting for !!!! :) I felt sorry for having so many questions.. and now that i acknowledge God is with me, alive and active, loving and caring.. i need not worry about anything... :) HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.....!!

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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Sunfeast Marathon: My Run- Towards Right to Education for Children

“Hey Resh! Are you interested in participating in the Marathon race??” This question just came so unexpectedly, and I couldn’t react other than a surprised question back to the person: Was that question really for me…. ??? Me and Marathon??? Please!! Without enquiring anything further about it I jus turned to my monitor and continued my work… There was a mail in my inbox sent by HR, saw the word “Marathon” and immediately switched back to my work as I knew I’m not going to participate… I was never an athlete in my school days… Sharmila, one of my best friend shot it to me after this, Hey gal!! Marathon???????? I couldn’t believe her asking me.. and looking at her bubbling excitement I asked what’s it all about? Gradually came to know that “Sunfeast” in association with “CRY” (Child Rights & You) has organised a marathon race on a Sunday, the 23rd of May, highlighting the right to education for every child. Ya, I love kids very much!! So thought to myself, why not run a little for these kids if that contributes to their better future? And I gave my consent for the race :)

Couple of days before the race, we were asked about our t shirt size, and also given a bag of goodies like bingo chips, Sunfeast biscuit packets, a handful of mintos, pain balms, bands, vitamin tablets, sunscreen lotion sachets, sugarfree tablets, Cherry shoe polish in a cute red Sunfeast satchel, … they gave us our bib with the participant code which was supposed to be attached to our t shirts…

But why pain balms? Is it going to be that tough??? Will I be able to run the whole race which is “5.7 kms”? These questions in my mind… like a feather on the cap I got these comments from people who knew I was participating:

• “Are you tied to 108???” (108 is ambulance number)
• “Should I send a nurse behind you?”
• “OMG, don’t tell me!! Are u really participating????”
• “Do you think you’ve stamina to complete the race”?
• “Should I send a vehicle behind with glucose”????
• “I’ll get my bike along Resh, don’t worry, you can hop in if you are tired” !!!

All these made me totally skeptical about participating in the marathon…. Yet in the corner of my mind, I knew I was going for a noble cause and just comforted myself that I would back off during the race in case I felt that weak!

The day finally arrived and I had a complete athlete look,- t shirt, white band in my hand, sports shoes, hairs tied up, jeans instead of track-pants because I was more comfortable with them, and a backpack with all eatables that were given to us, a water bottle, pain balms, and never to miss : Glucon D :P

Reached the starting point on time, 8:15 a.m. : Kanteerava Stadium near to Mallya Hospital, UB City… people were flocking from all directions, with Sunfeast backpacks and t shirts that represented their company…The race for 10k had already begun…. it was indeed an exciting event to see such a huge gathering of youngsters, middle aged, senior citizens and also kids participating in the event. I was touched to see ‘special’ people (disabled) participating in the event too…

We entered into Kanteerava Stadium and found it was crowded with lots of people shrieking at the top of their voice, cheering up the event, and especially applauding those who were finishing the 10k race….

Spectacular events were happening amidst the stadium, with people dressed in different costumes, really pleasant view….

And the gate opened at around 9:00 a.m. for the race, we gradually moved to the stadium ground along with the crowd…. Remembered my school days as I heard the band and jogged on the tracks and then slowly to the main road!!! We were just lost in the excitement, there were lot of cameras and spectators gazing at us, and in no time we saw that our first km was OVER!!! Wow.. !!! Not bad!! And there were volunteers who put a stamp on our arms to denote the successful completion of 1km.,, At every one km there were mineral water kiosks sponsored by Kingfisher, and ample number of dustbins to ensure no littering on the roads…

As we moved further, we enjoyed looking at people dressed in fancy costumes, standing out of the crowd, some looked like witches, some apes, and few others were just fancy to the maximum extent possible!

In no time, we reached 3 kms, passing through Cubbon Park and Vidhana Soudha…

Was really happy to see CRY volunteers at every kilometre motivating the crowd .. “Run Bangalore….! Run… ! Just 2 kms more to complete and it’ll be all over!!! Come on Bangalore!! Run!!! You are doing greattt!!!!”

Jogging and walking, walking and jogging we however reached the finishing point , where the CRY volunteers cheered us up saying “Congrats!!!” and put a stamp on our hands :)

We completed the race exactly at 9:57:27 a.m.

We were given refreshments and then it was all done!

A feeling of success made me feel fresh and I actually forgot what being tired really meant! I regretted for not participating in any of my school sports for the reason that I thought “Sports isn’t meant for a gal like me”!! But from today I’ve a strong point to boast my stamina to myself and surely to all those who were sceptical about my success in completing the race! :D

Just Had Fun Unlimited, this time it was For a Noble Cause!!!

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Buses and My Daily Experience…!! :)

Call it as “privilege” or “pleasure”, it’s my most lovable experience, to travel in an “un crowded” BMTC bus most of the times, especially when it’s my favourite light blue coloured bus which is a part of the massive city modernisation scheme launched by the government of India: on which “JnNURM…” is written… A well placed window seat, music in my ears… (FM radio or my favourite tracks playing)… getting lost in my own thoughts, I just adore these few minutes of bliss, almost daily on my way to work… I never miss that serene Ulsoor lake view, as that’s the only place where I see a rich water resource on my way to office, except for artificial fountains that I see through almost everyday created out of broken pipes... :( and yes, they complain about lack of water!! duh! )…I always remember and miss the awesome Udyawara river view in Udupi, my native, which I enjoyed on my way to my college…

On my daily trips to work and back to home, I usually observe a lot... Be it nature- the clouds, clear blue sky, sun set, flowery trees, birds, and of course my fellow travellers, especially kids, their conversation… Some incidents make me laugh (obviously I do my best and try very hard to control), some just make me feel “yuck!!” some cute little events keep me wondering and admiring…. Here are a few of them I would like to share, though I’m sure you would just giggle at this and remember seeing such incidents sometime somewhere…... :

Funny Incidents:

• People sleeping to their glory with mouths wide open, tossing their heads in all directions hitting off victims around them… :P

• A sudden reaction of people smiling on their own or laughing off aloud(listening to some RJ’s PJ in fm radio) :D

• A person yelling out so loud over phone, that everyone in the bus (I mean “everyone” even the last seater) comes to know all details about his plans for the day (easy for a kidnapper)

• I happened to listen to this conversation between the conductor and a passenger recently which was just hilarious :
Person asking Conductor: Does this bus go to GPO stop?
Conductor: No, it doesn’t
Person: Then where does it go??
Conductor: Kempegowda Bus Stand
Person: Oh then it should pass through GPO rite?
Conductor: NO…!!
Person: Yesss it will!!!
Conductor: (giggling) ok then buy the ticket, what am I going to loose???
:D :D

• A kid creating a big hue and cry, continuously for almost 45 minutes and hitting his people- mom, brother, granny, sister in the bus because he dint get a window seat... until he finally got one!:P(was that perseverance or stubbornness? Whatever, I just can’t forget the smile on his face that came soon after he achieved his victory :)

Cute Moments:

• An overcrowded bus, terribly hot weather, traffic had come to a standstill…and a little adorable kid brings a smile on his mom’s face, by blowing off air to her,to ward off the heat :)

• A kid acting too serious as if she was talking to somebody on her toy mobile phone… and reacting as if people around are disturbing her conversation :)

• Two cute kids sitting beside me, staring at me... continuously… and discussing something in each others ears… slowly one of the kids gathers some courage to tell me: “Akka...This girl says you look like me...!!” :P(for those who don’t know kannada,“Akka” means sister, preferably elder) after that she was continuously smiling at me and as I got down at my stop, she waved me goodbye…just loved that moment…:)

Dirty/ Disgusting Incidents:

• A lady picking up broken sandal from her feet, taking it in her hands and almost squeezing to rectify it and then using her dirty palms to clean her face…! Yuck!!!

• People spitting out mouthful of pan wastage through the window, not even bothering on whom they are showering the dirt on!

• Hefty ladies, double the weight of mine, leaning on me casually as if I’m sitting there to support their weight plus their bags (its 100 times better to stand than sitting ‘under pressure’)

• A big and dirty garbage collector truck, full of garbage, moving parallel to the bus, with its disgusting intolerable foul smell, for almost 45 minutes until I reached my stop!! (I’m sure I would faint if it continued for a few more seconds…)

• A garbage truck, evenly distributing the garbage on the roads of Bangalore due to its poor hold able capacity (looks like it did not like the “garbage to be at one place)

So I’m sure you had a flashback of some similar memories after reading this…didn’t you??! :D

Coming up with more events happening in my small world soon!

Till then,

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

My First Paintings....

So, here's me "showing off" my talent.. :P To be honest I never thought it would come out to be something near to "wonderful"! Since childhood i have a passion for painting. It feels like a small baby step in achieving my dreams... I know it'll surely come true ... "Hum Honge Kaamyab Ek Din"!! :) !

Hoping to do lots more...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mobile Advertisements: Main Roun Ya Hasun????!!!

Recently while I was just fidgeting with my mobile phone, I came across several unwanted messages filled in my inbox, which were occupying a major portion of my phone memory… Did I just say “Unwanted”? hmmm they’re actually much more than just being unwanted… the list might include other “un”s like unwelcomed, undesired, unfit, undervalued…, I usually don’t have a habit of deleting messages even if they aren’t so important to me… they’ll be just resting peacefully in my inbox until there flashes a warning message: “No space for new messages” on the screen… !

I know these mobile ads aren’t to be taken too personally as many of you might object, but advertisers or the marketing teams have failed to understand that Mobile ads have an element of personal touch in them, unlike the ads broadcasted in TV or Radio as they are meant for mass audience. An SMS ad in my mobile phone makes me feel that they are specially intended to induce me to buy/appreciate their products, since it drops in MY inbox! (atleast for me, SMS means a lot more personal than TV or Radio ads) I feel, while these ads create a nuisance, it gradually leads to build up a negative image of the brand; and also results in failure of the advertisers’ objective.

Few ads that made me feel *(%&()*#@#$*@!!! Basically you can call it frustration, or anything that means the same! Huh! : Here are a few:

Ad 1: “Car insurance due for renewal? Take a quote to know how much Money you can Save on your premium. Call 18002098888 or buy; online at T&C apply”

My reaction: Let me buy my car first… idiots!!!!!

Ad 2: “Join the Axe Unlimited Academy today to enjoy a fun-filled Valentines Day. SMS Axe to 560705 to enroll and win 10 imintpoints. Or visit”

My reaction: Do you even know where’s my valentine??? How can I have a fun-filled day joining your academy without him???? And what’s about those silly points? BS!

Ad 3: Shop till Midnight today @ the Fastrack store on BEL rd, Jayanagar or Kmngala n ger Free Jewelry With everything u buy! Call 421…./42134…./4219……

My reaction: What??? Jewelry for “everything” I buy??? Such a unrealistic one!!!

Ad 4: SAMSUNG LCD @1 Rupee, LG FRIDGE @ 1 Rupee, IFB washing Machine @ 1 Rupee, LG Microwave @ 1 Rupee. Pay Re. 1 & Balance in INTEREST FREE EMIs. Call 973…….

My reaction: NO TV, Washing Machine, Fridge and Microwave is allowed in my hostel room..:( ! duh!

Ad 5: Is income tax eating away your hard earned money. Now save Tax with future benefits with ICICI Prudential. To know more SMS PD to ….T&C apply

My reaction: Ya, I can hear them saying : DON’T FEED THE GOVERNMENT YA… HUM HAIN NA!!

Ad 6: Save more and spend less!! Track your daily expenses for FREE using SMS. Get weekly SMS reports. SMS PAISA to 09600….. or visit for details

My reaction: Now is this like asking me to be lazier and outsource even the silliest work of tracking my own money???

Ad 7: Progress awaits!! Admissions open: 1 year correspondence MBA at very affordable price, For free prospectus email your phone number at

My reaction: Why the hell would I need another M.B.A degree!!???

Ad 8: Thanks B’lore for overwhelming response to NorthIndian Dinner Buffet. Now avail 50% discount on your LIQUOR BILL. ComeNjoy at MORETHAN PARANTHAS….

My reaction: Did you say “YOUR Liquor” Bill??? How dare you?? You think I’m a drunkard???

Ad 9: The key to great life after retirement is to start planning early. Plan your retirement with ICICI pru life pensionplans. Know More SMS PD to 560…. T&C APPLY

My reaction: I’ve just happily begun my career life couple of years through and you are making me sad reminding me of my retirement!!!!! Its too early to even think about it!

These are yet a few samples which made me feel that there is nothing on this planet as most lucky as my MOBILE NUMBER!! :


2. Reshma Castelino, You are the Lucky Winner who had won Pearl Set worth Rs. 2500. For details & redemption SMS LUCKY to 549……

3. WINNER!! Your Cell number is chosen for $2500 CASH prize, call +44755…. Now!!!

4. Congrats your mobile number has been awarded 5,00,000 USD in 2010 British Telecom Int’l Mobile Draw. For claims contact. Dr. Terry via email:
I regret the fact that there are people spending their precious time in crap like this..!!

More hopelessly, I have even received so called “ads” which I never understood till date.. I don’t think anybody else can!! If yes, please let me know too…..
Here are few of them:

* Budget Jackpot FireCall Sanjivani Parent BSE CODE: 531569 COMP: Rs.60 Target Rs. 81-120 in 3-6 weeks. IF you don’t buy it atleast watch it


And believe it or not….when I was still writing this post, there was a beep in my cell…… n guess what????

“LOSE UPTO 5 KG IN 1 MONTH! “SLIMLIFE”- A Healthy Meal to Stay Slim. A product of British Nutritions. For free consultation call 1800-425-……… IN STORES NOW!!!

For those who haven’t seen me: Unfortunately, I look like a person who needs to gain a few extra KGs :( :( :( !!!

Ab boliye na ….

Main roun ya hasun??? :( :D ??


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unforgettable Memories at UK for My Best Friend's Wedding!!! (Day 4)

“Wake up Reshhhh!!!!” was the first sentence I heard before I opened my eyes which were so reluctant to open.... until i heard the next : "We're going to Goaaaaaa"....!! It was almost 5 am… n my eyes still shut i remembered.. yes, we were going to Goa… and that’s why we had to get out of our rooms as quickly as possible so that we reached Goa and spent most of our time der…..Wow! the thought inspired me to quickly get myself ready for the coming event…!! This journey would be the most memorable, adventurous and most importantly an independent one as for the first time we all by ourselves, without any help, set out to explore a new place!

It was still dark when we bid “bye” to the memorable place we stayed.. Carrying our bags we headed towards bus stand which was just a ten minutes walk… Had no idea which bus to board.. yet managed to catch hold of a conductor and ask for the buses moving to Goa… We boarded a bus going to Karwar, instead of Goa, because they said the direct bus to Goa would take some time to arrive, and catching a bus from Karwar would be a better option.

Journey to Karwar was a “sleepy” one… all passengers in the bus were enjoying the “early morning” sleep.. n my eyes cud not resist the sight and shut off in no time…. And approx. at about 7:00 am we reached Karwar bus stand, where we were supposed to board the Goa bus…

We tried figuring out which buses moved to Goa. Unlike BMTC buses in Bangalore, there were no numbers assigned for buses there … the word “MADGAON” written on one of the buses caught our eyes.. And it was almost ready to move.. Gathering all our strength with our mighty heavy bags adding to our weights, we managed to throw ourselves into the bus.. Unfortunately, since it was a Monday, the bus was too crowded with people going to work…phew!!! All three of us were distributed in different places, we could not even see each other, and we had to communicate to each other through SMS…!!! All thanks to technology!

In a while, I was lucky enough to get a seat right in the front, beside the driver... … I could get awesome views of the beautiful rising sun, bridges, rivers, greenery, trees, all in all a calm serene world… I was all the more excited to see the Karnataka –Goa state border… People talking in typical Goan Konkani to the conductor brought a smile on my face… I admired the little kids who boarded our crowded bus with their huge bags… facing a lot of uneasiness, yet smiling…. Some kids even boarded the bus through the door where the driver hops in the bus!! It was such a nice sight to see the kids’ face glowing with excitement as they looked at everyone, to see us reacting at their heroism! Toooooo cute!I could also get glimpses on the headlines for that day, as the person sitting next to me was tooo busy reading “The Times of India”…

Soon it was 9:00 am and we reached Madgaon!  We got down and looked out if there's any auto stand so that we could first go to the railway station and confirm our ticket for the evening and release our burden by keeping our luggage in the cloak room.. Soon we picked up a “less corrupt” among the existing ones … (all the auto fellas were at their best trying to get the maximum loot, as it was too evident we were new to the place) We had no way but pick one who could quote the lesser price and soon we moved to the railway station.

Requesting the auto fella to wait, we rushed into the railway station, confirmed our tickets, unloaded our luggage and got back into the auto, deciding on the plan of action.. We started with the first innocent question to the auto driver: “Which beach is the nearest to this railway station??” He gave us two options: Kolva or Benaulim… We were still in the process of discussion… when my tummy started crying aloud for breakfast…we opened the bread and jam packets, started hogging right away! By then, the auto driver took his own stand and dropped us at Kolva Beach…

And though the sun was so brightly smiling at us (it was approx. 11:00am), we headed towards the beach…. Excited at the water sport activities going on… Paragliding, water scooter, motor boat… and obviously dint wanna miss even a bit of it… But since Paragliding was a bit out of our time n budget we decided to try water scooter and motor boat… We really enjoyed the rides!!! We walked, sang and danced in the waters, collected shells on the shore, lent a helping hand to the newly wedded couples who badly wanted someone to click their snaps and in turn asked them to click our snaps too as a “cute commission”:)

TO my bad luck, the battery of my camera went off… and our photography session had come to a standstill… anyway we did manage with our cells for the rest of the day...

As it started blazing n sizzling on the sands, all exhausted, we thought it would be better to take a break, and treat our stomach with good food… we moved towards a decent looking hotel just near to the beach, and thanked God for two facilities first of all: One: water to wash our feet that was overloaded with sand, Two: for the air conditioner. Food was good, I had my favorite fish curry rice
So tummies full, we thought to spend some time visiting the shops nearby, to find “typical Goan” things for our remembrance… there were many cute small shops with things but they seemed to be dam expensive… yet bought a few things n set our journey back to the railway station as our train was scheduled at 3:30pm…

There were frequent mini buses from Kolva to Madgaon railway station.. so we did not have to worry much about the conveyance… we set our journey in one of the buses.. Hoping that the bus would reach on time and we would soon be in the train taking good rest coz we were dam tired…. To our surprise, the conductor told us that the bus won’t go to the railway station and we had to get down at a stop and walk…. “What??? Did he say WALK????” no way!!! We thought we’ll hire an auto, by then a grandpa kinda person in the bus said “Don’t worry, its just a few mins walk….” And we were relieved… thought that’s sounds ok… and got down at the stop.

We kept walking for five minutes in the blazing hot sun, putting our sweaters on the head to prevent the harsh sun.. lookin as funny as possible.. but we did not mind as no one knew us there, n most importantly looks were less important than getting burnt in the sun…. I couldn’t see the station to the farthest sight possible… Were we walking towards the right direction?? Had a doubt.. so asked the shop keepers there… one fellow said: “Madam its near.. just 10 minutes more”….. Goodnesss!!! I told my frenz its better we hire an auto before we faint.. but unfortunately no autos passed by that way  !!! We continued our journey for the next ten minutes… legs aching … waiting to see at least a glimpse of the station.. and then again after ten minutes Gosh!!! No station seen! We asked another shop fella there.. he said “ madam, just 15 minutes walk from here” !!! Now that was enough to raise our BP to the highest level possible! We started mumbling about that grandpa who told us that it was jus “few” mins walk from the stop… did “few” in his dictionary meant “30 minutes”??? Goodness gracious… No other option we just kept on walking.. I jus had enough strength to breathe n put my steps forward until we finally reached the station and dropped ourselves at the platform seats!!! PHEWWWWW!!!!!

It took quite a while to calm ourselves down... and gradually we started shopping for snacks and books. I bought a pack of cards too thinking our journey back should be an entertaining one! All set to get in the train, we collected our luggage from the cloak room and in no time the train arrived at the platform.

“The Incident cum Adventure” of the year:

Carrying our luggage we moved towards the train... all excited, finding out our compartment number which was number 13 . So we went carrying our huge bags, dragging ourselves looking at the numbers one after another…compartment number 5…6….7….8….9….10 and….. a person dressed like a police, happened to ask us our compartment number.. n we said no. 13… He said : Oh that’s at the very end, the compartment even before number 1, he explained that our compartment had to be joined to another train which went to Bangalore and the rest would be going to Delhi…!!! GOSH!!!! What the hell mannnn!!! Now there was too little time for us to think or even react at his comment.. we just took an above turn.. running towards the opposite direction as hard as we could….. Looked like our run was endless… first time in my life I regretted the fact that the train was so long! Goodness!!! We had no clue how much more time are we left with, so we decided to get into the train and then head towards our compartment internally, so that we would be safe inside the train at least… On the way we happened to cross through a cafeteria. The guy there said its too crowded to move ahead, and that there was still time for the train to move… giving heed to his words, we three just got off the train again and began rushing to our compartment and to my greatest HORROR the train STARTED MOVING !!!  Manjeet just screamed as hard as she could : GALSSSS…!!! Please get into the train!!!!! Get into the train at once!!!!!!!! It was a cry of helplessness… I was struggling hard to run, when I heard Sharmila’s voice… REShhhhh… gal get into the train gal….. and I knew both of them managed to get in…I was the only one left now!!! I dint know what struck my head…I had a big heavy luggage bag and running was jus tooo difficult! I just threw off my bag in one of the compartments of the moving train…and the luggage jus went ahead… never ran so fast in my life!! Finally, however, with a little strength that I cud depend on, I managed to catch hold of the handle and pushed myself into the train, clueless where my luggage was!
A group of gals and guys who were in that compartment exclaimed “HEY JAB WE MET”!!!!!!! at my unexpected entry in their compartment and I dint even have strength to react to them.. Nothing..! Just dropped myself in a seat.. Trying hard to breathe… closing my eyes… n thanking God at each breath I took!! After almost 5 mins I peeped through the way and at the other end I saw Sharmila looking at me.. both had no reactions just gazed each other with a feeling that we are saved!! Later Sharmila says that she could relate this gazing experience to the scene in the movie “Bombay” where the twins looked at each other when they met after a long time…

After some time all three of us met in a common compartment and gave a BIG HUG – a gesture, showing how much we were worried about each other.. Just couldn’t stop our tears…. Were wondering what would have happened if I could not run or hop into the train…. Goodness just can’t imagine!!! Settled in the same compartment, couldn’t jus stop talking about what had happened… We had a person, looked like someone’s granpa sitting next to us while we were talking about it… he seemed to be very interested in our talk initially... but after some time his face showed a clear indication that we were talking actually TOOOO much about it! A sign to talk something else now! :D
Anyway, the next station, we moved to our compartment number 13, this time making sure that there was ample time to shift.. Found our compartment to be really comfortable, and actually entertaining as a sweet little angel baby was continuously smiling at us… we enjoyed playing with her..

Caught some beautiful scenes on the way, especially “Doodh Saagar”... my fren Manjeet managed to capture few scenes from all angles possible…

As it was dusk and train took its “commercial breaks” at stations, we enjoyed spicy “Vada Paavn” with tea… it was jus soooo yummmmmmmmm!!!

One thing that kept us tooooo busy in the train were baby cockroaches! :( Yikesssss!!! I tried my best attacking them but most of the times they celebrated their victory over me! :(

Soon we had our dinner and went to sleep… hoping to see ourselves back in our hometown! Oops! “Office town” if I could rename it : P !!

We reached almost an hour late to our destination- Majestic railway station and were most pleased as our favorite people welcomed us saying : “Madam auto..????? Only 150 Rupees”--. To MG Road!!!! As responsible residents of the capital city, we managed to get a prepaid auto which just came up to Rs. 50 on meter charge...

All in all…in a nutshell.. We enjoyed to the maximum possible… No rules! No restrictions! It was just us and our adventures…. These four days spent together were a few among the “best days” of our life and surely would remain in our hearts as long as we breathe!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unforgettable Memories at UK for My Best Friend's Wedding!! (Day 3)

Day 3: The Wedding Day!

Woke up n realized there was some noise …. Yeah very nearby… in our own tummies….! We were dam hungry n since we were new to the place, we had to go hunting early morning… so Sharmi and I set on our expedition to find the nearest decent looking hotel in that village… finally after a 15 mins walk we found a restaurant.. We decided to have our breakfast there and pack some for our friend Manjeet as well as other frenz of Amruta who were supposed to arrive that morning for her wedding… Once done with breakfast since our tummies were full, we decided to hire an auto to our room and as we were about to reach, suddenly Sharmi realized that we have forgotten the room keys at the hotel!! Gosh!!! Jus gave an “above turn” command to the auto guy, collected the keys and then back to destination.

We were all supposed to get dressed up in sarees (our ethnic wear) about which we were dam excited!! We were all set, decked up and ready to be a part of the wedding celebration!

And soon to the wedding hall….. We felt as if we’re entering into a fantasy land…. The lights in the hall gave it “dreamy” effects… flowers on the stage were jus so awesome! Loved the atmosphere… and specially the name of my friend and her groom written at the backdrop….. long awaited moment was gradually turning into reality and we were all curious to see her in the bridal wear!

Have u watched “Hum aapke hain kaun?” I’m sure you would remember the song where the lyrics goes like- “dulhe k saaliyon oh hare dupatte waaliyon…joothe dedo, paise lelo”…. Yes this song reminds me of the “tragedy” we faced ! We had a master plan of stealing the groom’s shoes, when he removes them before he enters the hall… We were waiting for the right time, but groom’s friends were so sure about our plan that they dint even move a millimeter away from him… they surrounded the groom as if we were about to kidnap him… n to our greatest failure they lovingly carried away the shoes and locked in inside the car!  SAD!!! And we got a message through Amruta’s bro saying: if u want the shoes jus pay us 1000 bucks! Gosh… Joothe bhi aapke, aur paise bhi…..!!! hadh hai yaaar….! No way! Huh!!

So we were back to the “mandap”, where the wedding was taking place…. I have no words to describe how the bride looked that day! “Beautiful” , “awesome”,” gorgeous”…. ???? I feel these words cannot actually express how stunning she appeared ….. Both the bride and groom looked like “made for each other”…. They make a wonderful pair…….

Felt a heart ache when we saw her in tears… never had seen her crying! Realized that every gal has to go through this phase of life one day which is sad! That s the reality!

After the wedding ceremony, we had a delicious lunch and then to drop our friend to her husband’s place… Only thing that comforted us was that she was coming back to Bangalore jus in the next few more days…. And we will be together once again!

We had planned to go to the beach but since it was getting dark we had to cancel our plan… Thought to go back to our rooms and relax… but then something really fascinating caught our noses!! Right our noses were sensitive to the “delicious” lemonade aroma that came from a BiG container… A RSS rally was going on and it was meant to be a part of their refreshments!

We were so dam thirsty … that water could not suffice our thirst at that moment… We were just hoping someone to understand our body language or atleast offer some lemonade for the sake that we were the only three people as “foreign guests” over there….- you know-- Athithi devobhava!! We just turned our steps towards the temple yard where a person from the rally group was giving “ some speech” to the gathering…. (“some speech” coz we never tried to understand anything beyond lemonade!) we sat on the stone bench, which was just approximately 50 meters away from the gathering… n after the speech came our most awaited moment… few volunteers from the group got a huge tray filled with cups full of lemonade and started distributing … none of them seemed to notice us sitting there… now we were trying to try out all possible ideas to get it… I remembered I had read the book “ The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy, which says anything is possible if you suggest your subconscious mind … so I asked the gals to concentrate on the lemonade with their sub conscious mind (dunno where was it damnit!!) My friend Manjeet said: “Resh I’m concentrating with both conscious and sub conscious minds.. still no one is looking at us !!!” and my friend Sharmi wore her glasses, thinking that those gave her face a sympathetic look… n they’ll be thinking about sharing it with us poor gals!…. Yet no one seemed to be turning towards us… n then we lost all hopes while my eyes fell on a person with a tray lookin at us and nodding his head to ask : You wan it??? And without a second thought All the three of us nodded back a big “YES” to him…… and we GOT IT!!!!! Hurrayyyy!!! :D we clicked few snaps to commemorate this incident and smile at our own…….. watever!

We had a kinda photo session after the event….

Different poses tried…..

The wasp seemed to attack Manjeet right at the click of camera!!

We went for a night walk …. We saw one of Amruta’s fren going back to her hometown… and then her dad dropped us to a restaurant where we had our dinner quota done… The next day we planned to visit Goa as it was near to the place we stayed… just approx. 3 hours of journey by bus….So we went to a bakery and got some stuff to eat on the way……

Back to our rooms…. Cleaning ceremony….Tired…. ….alarm set to 4:30 a.m……. Off to sleeeep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

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