Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Beginning.... (Excuse me, its not my Wedding!!))

Days are never like what it was a few years back... Its a new life, a new thinking, a new dream and hope, a new prayer, a new perspective and of-course more importantly, a new bagfull of stationary and art supplies!!! :P

Its so amazing how things have changed, for good, and how each moment of my life in the past had a meaning (seemed a tragedy then, which gathered a lot of grumbling frm my side). I'm thankful to Almighty for revealing the reason for each event that has happened and the result is this beautiful life i enjoy today!!

I personally feel unless a person discovers his true self he cannot really feel and enjoy the true beauty of the world. And, now, when i say this, there are always hundred very valid reasons on how one "CANNOT" do what he likes/ or aspires in life, like i did a few years back..BUT, among those valid reasons, lies a ignored "RISK" factor, which decides if you are STRONG enough to take it up and CELEBRATE the rest of your life (jus ONE LIFE that you have been gifted), OR jus go with the flow, thinking everything is your fate and grumble ALL YOUR LIFE....


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