Thursday, April 5, 2012

@ iReboot

I have been working for a company called "iReboot". A company that has been formed with a mission of encouraging people to take up their dream career. They arrange for workshops on photography, starting own restaurant, wardrobe designing, travel writing and so on from time to time. I've been asked to design bookmarks, posters, workshop books and also a logo for their program for kids called "Disha".
Here are just few of my works:


Wardrobe Design Poster

DISHA logo


Bus Day Poster...

This was my attempt in creating and designing a poster for the BUS DAY encouraging people to conserve energy and preserve nature.


My Wedding Card :)

Design person as I am, I always wanted to do something for my wedding and yes, what could be a better option than designing my own wedding card? i liked the idea of a dream wedding, the fantasy, the fairy tales i was fond of since my childhood. and so was the theme that i selected for this card. Here's me showing off my talent yet another time :)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Attempt at Portrait Digi Painting :)

Hi there! its been real long since I had posted... shows how life got busy and yeah a new inning, a new beginning of my life -  finally the Mrs. title...and so it took a while until i got a break from the usual schedule and stepped into the design world - starting all over again. This time i wanted to do something new, something that i always wanted to and couldn't do it for various reasons. Here's the fruit of my persistence and passion once again. Hope u liked it :)


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