Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Today is my Friend & Brother Mukund Shenoy’s birthday. If you are a facebook fan and on my friends list you might have already known him to be a very reactive buddy on my facebook posts- I guess if I try to count, his likes and comments are the maximum- and yeah I’m proud of it!

 I have known him since my college days. This is how I met him for the first time- He was just another new face among a big pool of new faces as I entered the classroom on my first day at ICFAI National College. It was our Human Resource class and our lecturer wanted to have an “Ice Breaker” session, so that each one gets to know at least one new being in the class. And so we were asked to pick a name from the box and pair up. I got this buddy’s name on my paper and then our task was to know each other- Name, Place, Hobbies etc and introduce each other to the whole classroom. It was really interesting to know that Mukund was a bright boy right from his childhood as his main hobby was reading books and he also told me that his grandpa used to take him to library when he was a little boy and inculcated this habit of reading in him. It was nice knowing him that day, and gradually we became a bunch of great friends- Me, Mukku (his pet name), Jane (Jen Quadras) and Nivs (Nivya Shetty).  And yes, we all call him our Brother because he is worth it.  By God’s grace, it’s been almost 6 years since then and we all are still in touch with each other. Thanks to modern technology, we find ourselves next door, though geographically we are several miles and seas apart- it’s a connection between India, Dubai, Qatar and Australia. Different time zones, but it gives us immense pleasure to be there for each other.

Mukku is now the owner of a successful business- “Shri Mukund Retails” in Udupi, India. He is blessed with the most gorgeous and wonderful wife- Anusha Shenoy and is the proud Dad of the sweetest baby boy of the Universe- Ved Shenoy. On his birthday I could just make another digi scrap for him, I wish I could have made it better if I had Photoshop here at work, but I managed to put it together with the resources at hand. I’m glad he liked it- (refer facebook comments)! J 

Mukku: Happy Birthday Bro!! It’s great to have a bro like you! Wish you all success, happiness, love and peace today and always! God bless!

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  1. its so delightful ting on earth to be on the blog of best friend. full khush. may god keep u happy always. guess am short of words :) cheers



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