Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Craft Fever on High!

I'm on a high craft fever and i never know if i can be healed- i actually do not want to be healed because having this fever gives me such an awesome feeling!! i really cant explain- These days i was totally engrossed into exploring new things, making a few handmade greetings, wall decor, recycled paper flowers & home decor, quilling etc... I'm glad i have a platform to share it here and these are a few things i have been making - the photographs arent very professional though! I need to work on it too :)

.....and many more coming up soon!



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Love is in the Snow!!!

Amazing pics isn't it? :) Those precious moments on snow were much more beautiful than this pic.. Yes, i mean it.. How I wish I could stop these moments forever! But, if i did that I would also stop all the other hundreds and thousands of wonderful moments and excitements that are about to come!! I'm thankful to technology, and the maker of the great camera - atleast I could keep these moments safe and cherish them whenever and wherever I feel! 

Place: Jungfraujoch, Switzerland-Highest mountain railway station in Europe (3,454 mts)
Date: October 28, 2013.

Monday, May 13, 2013

HaPPy HaPpy Mother's Day!!

These days, I find real good reasons to put my Digiscrap into action.. I have suddenly got back the obsession with finding scrapbook freebies and coming up with new layouts.. and here's another one in honor of my darlings- my best buddies-  my role models- my MOMMIES.  Let me not drag my post on how crazy i am as a digiscrapper,- that would be a totally new post coming up later, but yes, this post is solely and wholly dedicated to my Moms! One mommy who got me into this world and tolerated me for more than 2 decades, now continues but not on a full fledged mode  and another Mommy who has happily accepted the challenge to tolerate me for the rest of my life!! :D

Both are the apples of my eyes! ya apples, you got it right... :) I'm ever grateful for being their kid, and they never ever make me feel I've grown up... I still enjoy being pampered and I sometimes really wonder if I've been married-  i also wonder at my age- coz my Mom part 1 already had a 8 year old me by this time! :P They say, you are a kid to your parents, no matter how old you get.. and that's so true...!

I'm grateful to Almighty for giving me such precious gems and I pray that God bless them with lots of love, peace, good health, happiness and all that they truly deserve! WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

I also, honor and wish all these blessings on each and every MOM on this earth- my friends, my batch mates, my colleagues, my relatives, all my friends' mommies, and each one of you whom I really do not know! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Bro!!!

Today is my Friend & Brother Mukund Shenoy’s birthday. If you are a facebook fan and on my friends list you might have already known him to be a very reactive buddy on my facebook posts- I guess if I try to count, his likes and comments are the maximum- and yeah I’m proud of it!

 I have known him since my college days. This is how I met him for the first time- He was just another new face among a big pool of new faces as I entered the classroom on my first day at ICFAI National College. It was our Human Resource class and our lecturer wanted to have an “Ice Breaker” session, so that each one gets to know at least one new being in the class. And so we were asked to pick a name from the box and pair up. I got this buddy’s name on my paper and then our task was to know each other- Name, Place, Hobbies etc and introduce each other to the whole classroom. It was really interesting to know that Mukund was a bright boy right from his childhood as his main hobby was reading books and he also told me that his grandpa used to take him to library when he was a little boy and inculcated this habit of reading in him. It was nice knowing him that day, and gradually we became a bunch of great friends- Me, Mukku (his pet name), Jane (Jen Quadras) and Nivs (Nivya Shetty).  And yes, we all call him our Brother because he is worth it.  By God’s grace, it’s been almost 6 years since then and we all are still in touch with each other. Thanks to modern technology, we find ourselves next door, though geographically we are several miles and seas apart- it’s a connection between India, Dubai, Qatar and Australia. Different time zones, but it gives us immense pleasure to be there for each other.

Mukku is now the owner of a successful business- “Shri Mukund Retails” in Udupi, India. He is blessed with the most gorgeous and wonderful wife- Anusha Shenoy and is the proud Dad of the sweetest baby boy of the Universe- Ved Shenoy. On his birthday I could just make another digi scrap for him, I wish I could have made it better if I had Photoshop here at work, but I managed to put it together with the resources at hand. I’m glad he liked it- (refer facebook comments)! J 

Mukku: Happy Birthday Bro!! It’s great to have a bro like you! Wish you all success, happiness, love and peace today and always! God bless!

Love Is Eternal.......

Digiscrap is one of my favourite hobbies and i just LOVE to try out new layouts and designs... This is a simple one tried out after a real long time. I'm sure it is more than 3 years i have actually done anything on it!!!! I like scrapbooking, but since it requires a lot of printing, sticking, and collecting real artifacts to decorate, digiscrap makes it easy, economical, and less messy. You just need  a design software like Photoshop, with basic knowledge and a few sets of decorative pages and elements that are available on the internet. There are several websites on this particular hobby and especially most of the Europeans fancy this one to be their major leisure activity. They even create many elements like texture pages and decorative elements, alpha numeric pieces too, with different design themes like summer, holidays, school time, vacations etc.  While some of them are for a price, there are a few generous bloggers out there who give out freebies - a set of pages and decorative elements free to download for users- only for personal use. I am very fond of these and keep looking for and collecting whenever my heart craves for it. As of today, I eagerly look forward for more freebies to gather in my digiscrap library and then come up with those grand new ones soon...


The Designer Designs!!! :D

I really do not know whats it between me and the "non designer" plain mugs.. just cant stop splashing my creativity on them...
These mugs were jus lying at my current work place and jus could not wait until i converted them into somethin interesting as u see... :D

Caution: People who feel their mugs look better plain, pls do not let them cross my eyes!!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

"He Knows it All...."- A short Christmas Story, My Story! :)

A smile on my face, a story to share. This happened to me recently- One day, late November, when i had been to one of the biggest malls in Dubai, just to pick some gift to my friend, who was celebrating her birthday. I had no idea what to buy, just thought i would get something in mind as i 'browse' through. While i was still searching i just happened to bump into the most decorated, lovely and vibrant section of the mall, - the Christmas sale was on! I could hardly resist enter the section and get completely lost midst various sizes of Xmas trees, Santaclaus images, cribs, mistletoe and yet a huge stock of lovely Christmas decorations. What caught my eyes was the Poinsettia plant - an artificial one, and my heart started gettin' so attached to it.. not seeing the price tag that was already attached! :P looking at the price (which was quite high for the moment) i just reluctantly managed to keep it back at the place where it belonged... Huh! only i know what it was to let go of such a sweet looking bunch! I just managed to pull myself away and got a nice frame for my friend.
Days passed and memories too.... I had almost forgotten about the incident .. Christmas Day has just a week to come by, and already our sweet little nest was decorated with little crib and a well decorated and lighted Christmas tree.. Doors decorated with wreaths and yes, Christmasy all around! I am at my workplace right now, and a while back, my colleague, who's in his early 60s, whom i admire for his professionalism, respect and care towards me, dropped a real Red Poinsettia Plant on my desk, while i was over the phone. I couldn't wait to end the call and thinking that it was for the office, i told him that the plant was amazing..... and you cant imagine my happiness as he said : "Yes! Its For You.... Merry Christmas!!!" :) I'm so delighted to carry the plant to my home!!
So this is a message i get - To trust God and just Trust Him like a little child. If He can take care of my little desires, giving me a better replacement, how much more will He care about the life He has given me? :)


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