Wednesday, September 22, 2010

His Presence......Felt and Adored!

Hi there...!! i know its a reaaaaal long time since i digitally scribbled anything.. yesterday my Blog guru "Maddy" was upset that i have'nt updated anythin lately.. All i can say for now life had a BIG "U" turn couple of days back.. confusions, frustration, heaviness, and a lot of questions in even if i had a couple of rocking events that could turn out as beautiful blog topics, i just could'nt put myself in one place.. i was shattered.. here and there..searching for answers, searching for a silver lining.....

This is about one special day, admist my "hard tough and gloomy" days where something very simple happened, and i got my answer to all the "why"s...
As usual after my work i have to take a ten mins walk to my bus stand... all the way i was just lost in my thoughts.. why isnt God listening to me? Why do i have these problems cropping up in my life? why doesnt He answer me....... n i as i was reaching the bus stop, i found a bus that goes through my route standing there.. i jus rushed to catch it, even if it was dam crowded.. jus to reach home as sooon as possible..but i missed it jus for a few steps... :( i was so sad... why couldnt the bus stop for two seconds!!! such a dam thing! felt low, stood there waiting for the next bus,and in a couple of seconds, to my surprise, my all time favorite "blue bus" (like the one in my previous post), which had a lot of vacant "window seats" just came by, and i happily got in... what an awesome trip it was!:) i wouldn't have got this experience if i had boarded the previous bus.....

By this, i felt , yes we do feel that we have lost something in life... something that we seek, that's like the old bus for which i was running to board...But we miss these things, only to get something better or even i can say the best in life....and i know its worth waiting for !!!! :) I felt sorry for having so many questions.. and now that i acknowledge God is with me, alive and active, loving and caring.. i need not worry about anything... :) HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.....!!

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  1. Hey Reshu...we all do have such q in mind everytime .this happens whenever we are down in our lives.But u never know wht has god planned for u and kept in takes time fr us to realise.while going thru ur post i felt there's something in ur life tht's distrbing...but grl don worry its life..

  2. I will totally agree on this..For sometime I was also in the similar situation where my faith on God was dwindling, but life slowly unfolds and makes us realize that what happens,happens for greater prosperity and happiness.. :)

  3. Reshu, I agree with Andrea completely :)

    You never know what God has planned for you. Never be sad for anything that happens. coz, That will drive you to the better path than your previous.

    May God bless you and keep you happy forever :)

  4. @Vaudeville of exhilaration : Thanks dear... very true !! :)

    @Jos: Thank you so much... Special thanks to you for being there for me always... With your support Ive been able to think differently and accept life as it comes, with a smile on my face... :) Be with me and you will find me happy forever! :)



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