Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its my BloG!!!!

At last! A blog of my own!! :) Here's me=-- greatly and "overwhelmingly" influenced and impressed by "the greatest bloggers"-- whom i see as a part of my daily work (the big blog audits!!!!), my frenz-- 'maddy' my college senior and also ,...Special credit certainly goes to my 'blog guru' my senior colleague and buddy who right now is away from me but had a great impact on my blog creation... a heartfelt acknowledgement to you guys! :)

So... ya since this is my first day, im a bit confused (as usual ;)) Don really know how and from where do i start ... anyway, keep visiting to read my 'strange'/ 'interesting'/ 'surprising'/ 'funny' stories that'll come up shortly....

See ya guys!

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