Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) Buses and My Daily Experience…!! :)

Call it as “privilege” or “pleasure”, it’s my most lovable experience, to travel in an “un crowded” BMTC bus most of the times, especially when it’s my favourite light blue coloured bus which is a part of the massive city modernisation scheme launched by the government of India: on which “JnNURM…” is written… A well placed window seat, music in my ears… (FM radio or my favourite tracks playing)… getting lost in my own thoughts, I just adore these few minutes of bliss, almost daily on my way to work… I never miss that serene Ulsoor lake view, as that’s the only place where I see a rich water resource on my way to office, except for artificial fountains that I see through almost everyday created out of broken pipes... :( and yes, they complain about lack of water!! duh! )…I always remember and miss the awesome Udyawara river view in Udupi, my native, which I enjoyed on my way to my college…

On my daily trips to work and back to home, I usually observe a lot... Be it nature- the clouds, clear blue sky, sun set, flowery trees, birds, and of course my fellow travellers, especially kids, their conversation… Some incidents make me laugh (obviously I do my best and try very hard to control), some just make me feel “yuck!!” some cute little events keep me wondering and admiring…. Here are a few of them I would like to share, though I’m sure you would just giggle at this and remember seeing such incidents sometime somewhere…... :

Funny Incidents:

• People sleeping to their glory with mouths wide open, tossing their heads in all directions hitting off victims around them… :P

• A sudden reaction of people smiling on their own or laughing off aloud(listening to some RJ’s PJ in fm radio) :D

• A person yelling out so loud over phone, that everyone in the bus (I mean “everyone” even the last seater) comes to know all details about his plans for the day (easy for a kidnapper)

• I happened to listen to this conversation between the conductor and a passenger recently which was just hilarious :
Person asking Conductor: Does this bus go to GPO stop?
Conductor: No, it doesn’t
Person: Then where does it go??
Conductor: Kempegowda Bus Stand
Person: Oh then it should pass through GPO rite?
Conductor: NO…!!
Person: Yesss it will!!!
Conductor: (giggling) ok then buy the ticket, what am I going to loose???
:D :D

• A kid creating a big hue and cry, continuously for almost 45 minutes and hitting his people- mom, brother, granny, sister in the bus because he dint get a window seat... until he finally got one!:P(was that perseverance or stubbornness? Whatever, I just can’t forget the smile on his face that came soon after he achieved his victory :)

Cute Moments:

• An overcrowded bus, terribly hot weather, traffic had come to a standstill…and a little adorable kid brings a smile on his mom’s face, by blowing off air to her,to ward off the heat :)

• A kid acting too serious as if she was talking to somebody on her toy mobile phone… and reacting as if people around are disturbing her conversation :)

• Two cute kids sitting beside me, staring at me... continuously… and discussing something in each others ears… slowly one of the kids gathers some courage to tell me: “Akka...This girl says you look like me...!!” :P(for those who don’t know kannada,“Akka” means sister, preferably elder) after that she was continuously smiling at me and as I got down at my stop, she waved me goodbye…just loved that moment…:)

Dirty/ Disgusting Incidents:

• A lady picking up broken sandal from her feet, taking it in her hands and almost squeezing to rectify it and then using her dirty palms to clean her face…! Yuck!!!

• People spitting out mouthful of pan wastage through the window, not even bothering on whom they are showering the dirt on!

• Hefty ladies, double the weight of mine, leaning on me casually as if I’m sitting there to support their weight plus their bags (its 100 times better to stand than sitting ‘under pressure’)

• A big and dirty garbage collector truck, full of garbage, moving parallel to the bus, with its disgusting intolerable foul smell, for almost 45 minutes until I reached my stop!! (I’m sure I would faint if it continued for a few more seconds…)

• A garbage truck, evenly distributing the garbage on the roads of Bangalore due to its poor hold able capacity (looks like it did not like the “garbage to be at one place)

So I’m sure you had a flashback of some similar memories after reading this…didn’t you??! :D

Coming up with more events happening in my small world soon!

Till then,

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