Thursday, October 7, 2010

My First Experiment With Acrylic Paints!

It was reaaaaly long since I painted… Last time I had been to CROSSWORDS- a book store, I happened to bump into a painting section with varieties of paints, painting boards, canvas of different size, palettes and what not…arranged in such a tempting way… just drove me “CRAZY”… felt like buying everything out there… I began comforting and convincing my soul that the situations were tight and I had to have some control over my desires… :(
My friend, who accompanied me saw my “deep love” for painting.. She offered to lend her coffee mug if I wanted to paint on it since it was a plain one… WOW!! My happiness knew no bounds.. without second thoughts just started selecting colors that would match with her mug, grabbed a maroon and silver Fevicryl Acrylic color. Now this was something new I was gonna try…

I finally did it today….and as you can see below, these were the results… :D



May not be the best piece in the world, but it was my first experiment with acrylic colors and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

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