Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crazy Stuff- My Creations- :)

I have been attending craft classes during weekends quite a long time back, since i i'm crazy about creating something beautiful and its been quite a long time since i've done any new stuff... I learnt lot of things, and the fact that fascinated me most was that these things were done out of simple stuffs that are easily available in the market and yet look so complicated and difficult when its all done!

Bread Crafts :
These were done using a dough of bread crumbs and fevicol, painted once it was dried completely

Fruit Basket

Pen Holder

Antique Work:
I loved working over these :)

Looking forward to try out new things sooon :)

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  1. Resh these are lovely..The pen holder is so damn creative..Next time when I am in Bangalore, I want one of these..:):)Keep up the good work..

  2. Thank you dear :) had done these way back... when are u comin to blore.. wud be nice to see you again!! :)

  3. Great reshu..i adore u dahling



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