Monday, March 22, 2010

Unforgettable Memories at UK for My Best Friend's Wedding!! (Day 1)

I know I had to post this long back.. Life was so busy and whatever little time I managed to spare for myself was completely being utilised to cool down my “almost-ready-to-sleep eyes” and “over heated brain”!! Ufff… Hectic work pressure had made me so numb towards my personal life that I had almost forgotten I had a blog baby of my own, which I’m supposed to keep active, keep feeding… Anyway, thanks to my friend Manjeet who stirred up my “almost dead” interest, as we took off a break from reality and happened to get lost in the memories of those four days… “those four awesome days of our life” at Karwar, UK !

Those days were special to us because we were going to see our best friend change her salutation from Ms. Amruta V.N. to Mrs. Amruta C.N.  ya in simple words it was our best friend Amruta’s wedding…. Those days were filled with a mixture of emotions…. We were happy, excited, curious, scared, frightened, (you will know the reasons for each of these as you go on ) and ofcourse a “littttle” sad for the fact that we wont be able to grab her for movies and outings at our convenience, which made us feel a little upset.

This was a four days trip and I want to treasure every single moment of fun we had at UK…yes… that’s Uttara Kannada (North Karnataka) at a cool place called Ankola (though it was a quite a bit hot there) ! 

Day 1: The day when we started from Bangalore

December 11, 2009:
All excited we had come to office with our bags packed, tickets ready and timings set. The whole day at office was a torture as we kept looking at our wrist watches, and making signs across the bays , and finally….exactly at 5:45 p.m, we started off with the bags making the least noise possible!! Huh!! After all we dint want anyone to embarrass us making a loud yell…..“BYEEEE RESHMAAAA…… BYEEE Manjeeet… Uffff!!! (that’s how a person leaving early in my office gets embarrassed!) N my friend Sharmila had to join us at the bus stand from her home, as she was on a half day leave :P

We managed to hire an auto driver who agreed to drop us to Majestic bus stand at meter charge (isn’t that a great event in Bangalore??? God bless him :)) We however reached the bus stand on time though we just had the landmarks and directions given by our friend, the honourable bride! 

The three of us- (Manjeet, Sharmila and me) got united at “Sea Bird Travels” waiting for our departure. We got into the bus looking for our seat numbers, we settled down with the luggage and soon realised we were hungry !!  Manjeet had got Haldirams bhelpuri … n yummmm the attractive yellow and red package !! Coudnot wait until the mixture was prepared and spoon by spoon was getting delivered to our tummies…

We stopped for dinner at…. Sorry I don remember the name of the place.. Ordered for rotis which were like a piece of mat giving good exercise to our jaws … n I was being fed by my frenz Manjeet and Sharmila as I had hurt my fingers the previous day…

Back to our bus… continuing our journey….….. hoping to reach our destination……closing our eyes… fallin asleeeeeep……

Day 2: (Hmmm….There’s a lot that happened.. I’ll share the thrilling experiences, which will be updated shortly! Until then see yaaaa…! Cheers… :)

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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! this one post has made the memories so alive....although there are some things which are better not revealed....hehehehehe...Thanks a lot 4 creating this blog...ths z smthn we'll cherish 4 a lifetime...Love u gal...ummmmaaaahhhh....

  2. yeah i remember wen u guys had gone for the wedding ... u had shared the pictures and ur train adventure with me and arpita ;)



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