Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unforgettable Memories at UK for My Best Friend's Wedding!! (Day 2)

Opened my eyes at the violently rocking and hopping of the bus... the innumerable potholes on roads assisted the bus “a big time” in all the ways possible to give us a roller coaster ride!! Then I knew the reason why were the seats moving to and fro so liberally without the lever’s help! 

We had no idea where our stop would be..All we knew is “Ankola” stop… As we expected there were a few people in the bus who had to get down at the same stop. But the arrogant driver with all his stupidity stopped at a place which was much further than the exact location. A poor old granpa with his aged wife was really furious at the driver and the “yelling at each other” part was going on as we got down with our huge bags. We called up our friend and waited for a few minutes until her dad sent us a cab to take us to the room where we were supposed to stay…

The place was awesome, a complete “village” atmosphere, birds chirping, greenery all around, a temple view right beside, all in all a calm, serene, peaceful dwelling . Felt as if my ears went deaf as they were so habituated to the horrible noise of the busy traffic as a part of routine.

We were now getting settled and ready to meet our friend, all excited packing the gifts

… just waiting to see her in that “dulhan” attitude :)! We were dropped to her place and as we entered the home we were warmly welcomed by her family… our eyes were curious finding her and as she was called by her name, we heard the typical sound of bangles, anklet rushing downstairs… We were so excited to see her in “all girlie” looks -. mehendi in her hands, gold accessories, bangles, anklets..

Quickly she led us upstairs, n wow! we felt as if its “our own area” now! Met two of her best school friends, who in no time made us feel their own… and our gang rocked..!! We were so glad to capture our friend’s expressions as she unpacked the gifts!!

Soon we had our breakfast and set out to see the beautiful places around! Amruta’s uncle was kind enough to bear us all through the site seeing… it was really fun visiting the oldest temple there

.... and then to the most awaited : Honey beach! Yes it’s not “honey” though it was spelt that way, it was pronounced as “Honne” beach… The most beautiful beach I had ever seen in my life. Clear blue waters so dam wide…and it was for the first that my friend Manjeet actually had seen a beach live!! She just screamed n shrieked out of happiness which were a “value-addition” to our overjoyous experience!

We had to return back to our rooms as we had to attend the engagement ceremony of our friend.. Rushed to our rooms and got all set to get into the huge gathering … I had seen yet another way of engagement celebration in their culture, where the grooms family without the presence of the groom, come and adorn the bride with flowers , saree and gold… and thereafter have lunch together with the invitees.

We had awesome lunch , and for the first time I tasted something called as “Kokam kadi” which I heard in song : “Arey maine use bulaaya, kokam kadi pilaaya, aur dekh k mauka maara chauka, dil ki baat bataya!! Hehe… ya it was so tasty actually… so it isn’t wrong on the part of this song where the hero says he gave it to the heroine before he proposed to her ! LOL! :D

A tight lunch was soon followed by a short nap… where all were sailing in dreamworld except me(I am not used to sleeping day time), was just checking who opened her eyes first….. and wow! all were awake because of the loud airtel ringtone from of our fren chandrma’s cell… felt like thanking the person who called her up!! Hehe… n then the floor was all ours! Did the craziest dance possible… ranging from solo performances to group ones…from mujras to break dances…. fashion parade and then the “singing concert” putting the maximum emotions and feelings into the songs… it was just “Total Fun” and nothing else…until we realized it was time for dinner !

After a tight tasty dinner we left to our room allowing the bride to pack her things off and get herself ready for D-day… !!

Day 3: The Wedding Day!(check out for awessome experiences ahead!)


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  1. Gud job Resh... U seem to be preparing urself for ur wedding, tryin to gain some experience huh??


  2. Thanks Ajith! :) Hmmm ya.. got lotsa time to prepare for my wedding.. :)



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