Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love Is Eternal.......

Digiscrap is one of my favourite hobbies and i just LOVE to try out new layouts and designs... This is a simple one tried out after a real long time. I'm sure it is more than 3 years i have actually done anything on it!!!! I like scrapbooking, but since it requires a lot of printing, sticking, and collecting real artifacts to decorate, digiscrap makes it easy, economical, and less messy. You just need  a design software like Photoshop, with basic knowledge and a few sets of decorative pages and elements that are available on the internet. There are several websites on this particular hobby and especially most of the Europeans fancy this one to be their major leisure activity. They even create many elements like texture pages and decorative elements, alpha numeric pieces too, with different design themes like summer, holidays, school time, vacations etc.  While some of them are for a price, there are a few generous bloggers out there who give out freebies - a set of pages and decorative elements free to download for users- only for personal use. I am very fond of these and keep looking for and collecting whenever my heart craves for it. As of today, I eagerly look forward for more freebies to gather in my digiscrap library and then come up with those grand new ones soon...


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  1. Wow Reshma!! This really looks so nice.. And btw, you both make such a lovely couple.. :) :)



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