Monday, May 6, 2013

"He Knows it All...."- A short Christmas Story, My Story! :)

A smile on my face, a story to share. This happened to me recently- One day, late November, when i had been to one of the biggest malls in Dubai, just to pick some gift to my friend, who was celebrating her birthday. I had no idea what to buy, just thought i would get something in mind as i 'browse' through. While i was still searching i just happened to bump into the most decorated, lovely and vibrant section of the mall, - the Christmas sale was on! I could hardly resist enter the section and get completely lost midst various sizes of Xmas trees, Santaclaus images, cribs, mistletoe and yet a huge stock of lovely Christmas decorations. What caught my eyes was the Poinsettia plant - an artificial one, and my heart started gettin' so attached to it.. not seeing the price tag that was already attached! :P looking at the price (which was quite high for the moment) i just reluctantly managed to keep it back at the place where it belonged... Huh! only i know what it was to let go of such a sweet looking bunch! I just managed to pull myself away and got a nice frame for my friend.
Days passed and memories too.... I had almost forgotten about the incident .. Christmas Day has just a week to come by, and already our sweet little nest was decorated with little crib and a well decorated and lighted Christmas tree.. Doors decorated with wreaths and yes, Christmasy all around! I am at my workplace right now, and a while back, my colleague, who's in his early 60s, whom i admire for his professionalism, respect and care towards me, dropped a real Red Poinsettia Plant on my desk, while i was over the phone. I couldn't wait to end the call and thinking that it was for the office, i told him that the plant was amazing..... and you cant imagine my happiness as he said : "Yes! Its For You.... Merry Christmas!!!" :) I'm so delighted to carry the plant to my home!!
So this is a message i get - To trust God and just Trust Him like a little child. If He can take care of my little desires, giving me a better replacement, how much more will He care about the life He has given me? :)

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