Monday, May 13, 2013

HaPPy HaPpy Mother's Day!!

These days, I find real good reasons to put my Digiscrap into action.. I have suddenly got back the obsession with finding scrapbook freebies and coming up with new layouts.. and here's another one in honor of my darlings- my best buddies-  my role models- my MOMMIES.  Let me not drag my post on how crazy i am as a digiscrapper,- that would be a totally new post coming up later, but yes, this post is solely and wholly dedicated to my Moms! One mommy who got me into this world and tolerated me for more than 2 decades, now continues but not on a full fledged mode  and another Mommy who has happily accepted the challenge to tolerate me for the rest of my life!! :D

Both are the apples of my eyes! ya apples, you got it right... :) I'm ever grateful for being their kid, and they never ever make me feel I've grown up... I still enjoy being pampered and I sometimes really wonder if I've been married-  i also wonder at my age- coz my Mom part 1 already had a 8 year old me by this time! :P They say, you are a kid to your parents, no matter how old you get.. and that's so true...!

I'm grateful to Almighty for giving me such precious gems and I pray that God bless them with lots of love, peace, good health, happiness and all that they truly deserve! WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

I also, honor and wish all these blessings on each and every MOM on this earth- my friends, my batch mates, my colleagues, my relatives, all my friends' mommies, and each one of you whom I really do not know! YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!! 


  1. Hi resh...though opened my blogging site after ages I knew u wud hv sm amazing things going around...n I found thm as well...well said....on mothers...nw that am a mother I do feel blessed n so also to my mom n mil...keep cr

  2. Thanks a lot Andy! You keep inspiring me :) Tk care, Loads of love...



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